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door installation services

For over two decades now, Lake Grove garage door repair in NY has been offering reliable and quality new door installation and other repair services to Lake Grove residents. We have gained necessary experience and skills over the years which helps offering;

  • Swift and guaranteed services
  • Long lasting and perfect solutions
  • Reliable advice to our clients
  • Quality and standard service

Our services range from new door installation, new motor installation, motor repair, changing of broken spring among other types of garage door repairs. Due to growth in technology there has been notable evolution in garage door industry with many options and varieties to choose from.We have different categories of garage doors to choose from depending on your preferences, security requirements and budget. Such categories include:

  1. Mode of operation- These can been distinguished in the way the door operate. Under this category we have manual and automatic door to choose from. In most cases the choice here is determined by the budget.
  2. Material – There are many material types used to make garage doors and each offers different looks, strength and the ease to maintain and repair. We deal with wooden doors, steel doors, aluminum door, and glass fiber doors among other materials.
  3. Style- This is mostly in the way the garage door opens. We have slide doors, swing doors, up/ over doors, side, outer and inner open doors.