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broken spring repair

There are a number of behaviors and signs that signifies a broken spring some of which are easy to tell even without being a garage door expert and some that require the expertise of a qualified garage door professional. This make it important to always contact a garage door expert whenever you suspect a broken torsion spring so that it can be solve from the root. Some of the symptoms of torsion spring problems are:

  • Uplifted one side of the garage door bottom
  • Half way closing of the garage door
  • Cocked garage door
  • Jammed garage door
  • Uneven garage door

Observing any or some of the problems doesn’t automatically mean the spring is broken or has got issue therefore you should call a reputable and experienced technician to inspect the door and determine the exact cause of these behaviors and then fix the problem with a perfect, cost effective and long lasting solution. Technicians at Lake Grove garage door repair are experts with all types of garage doors and they will help you detect and sort out any problem with your garage door. The above issues could be caused by broken spring in which case the spring should be safely replaced by an expert to avoid damages. The problem could still be the spring cable which can only be replaced by an experienced technician. If the problem is not the spring it could be a damaged motor in the door opener which can be solved by new motor installation. We will solve any of your garage door issues instantly; you just need to contact us.